Commitment to Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Our Involvement

Manitoba farmers are committed to practicing sustainable agriculture, and KAP supports them in their efforts by working with a variety of organizations that focus on protecting the environment.

Helping farmers take environmental action
An important KAP activity is our involvement in the administration of the federal-provincial Environmental Farm Plan, an initiative through which farmers identify and implement farming practices that will increase their ability to farm sustainably. To date they have assessed 9.3 million acres under this initiative.

Protecting Lake Winnipeg
KAP is a member of Lake Friendly, a group of stakeholders that raises awareness of the need for all Manitobans to protect Lake Winnipeg. It offers everyday solutions for home and cottage owners, farmers, schools, municipalities and businesses – so that we can all reduce the amount of materials that are going into the lake. It has recently created the H2O iQ – an educational resource for teachers.

Promoting sustainable disposal practices

KAP partners with CleanFARMS to promote the collection and safe disposal of agricultural waste. This includes container disposal sites across the province, a tri-yearly campaign to collect obsolete pesticides, and a program that collects plastics such as twine and commercial grade plastic bags. 

Encouraging nutrient stewardship
We partner with the Canadian Fertilizer Institute to promote the safe and effective use of fertilizer through the 4 Nutrient Stewardship program. The 4Rs mean applying the right fertilizer, at the right rate and right time, using the right placement method.

Exploring biomass options
KAP is working with the Biomass Economy Network to create a framework that will result in opportunities/demand for agriculture and forestry biomass residue. The goal is to create a biomass industry in Manitoba.

Leading the way in innovative programming
Another KAP achievement is our development of the ground-breaking Alternate Land Use Service, a program that helps farmers protect ecologically sensitive land. While it is currently not receiving provincial funding in Manitoba, the program model is being run in four other provinces.