Commitment to Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Farmer Commitment

Farmers are connected to the environment. Healthy soil, clean air and clean water are essential to their livelihoods – and they are committed to protecting these resources.

Manitoba farmers use the newest technologies and information to farm sustainably, and have implemented a host of farming practices that reduce the impact of farming on the environment.

For example, they have adopted new technology that allows them to incorporate post-harvest crop residue back into the soil, drastically reducing the amount of residue burning that takes place.

They also create management plans to ensure manure, an organic fertilizer,  is applied only at rates that can be used by crops so that excess will not be washed away.

Crop protection products – an essential component of producing abundant and healthy crops – are used only when a pest (disease, insect or weed) reaches a level where it will result in significant crop loss. These products have been approved by Health Canada and are applied in accordance with label directions that have also been approved by Health Canada.

Manitoba farmers are also very active in local conservation districts, and were instrumental in developing the Alternate Land Use Service that is now running in four other provinces.