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August 14, 2015

Take care around harvesting equipment on rural roads

Manitoba’s harvest has begun and will soon be in full swing as farmers work to bring in the 2015 crop.
Farmers must use roads and highways to get large farm equipment to their fields, and Keystone Agricultural Producers urges motorists to take precautions when approaching such equipment:

  • Slow down to determine how fast the equipment is going, then follow at a safe distance until you can pass.
  • Ensure the equipment is not turning or changing lanes before you pass – and make a wide pass only when it’s safe to do so.

KAP also urges farmers to clearly mark their equipment and use appropriate lighting to alert motorists. 
“Safe driving, consideration and patience by all will avoid accidents,” said KAP president Dan Mazier.

For more information:
Dan Mazier, president – 204-720-4646
Val Ominski, KAP communications co-ordinator – 204-697-1140 (ext. 3)