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Summarized resolutions from the KAP 29th annual meeting

Business risk management resolutions
KAP will:

  • Petition the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation and the Province  to include winter grazing systems in the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.
  • Press the Province to enhance the Problem Wildlife Removal Program, Predator Management Program, Problem Beaver Management Program, and the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program to adequately address the issue of financial losses incurred by farmers due to wildlife damage.
  • Petition the Province to allow that compensation from the Lake Manitoba Financial Assistance Program be eligible as income for AgriStability reference margin calculations.

Environment and water management resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press the provincial government to maximize arable acres in the province by delegating wetland areas to the edges of fields, at farmers’ discretion, allowing for drainage in the centre of the fields.
  • Petition the Province to improve the maintenance of provincial drains and highway rights of way to control weeds before they go to seed.
  • Press the federal government to continue funding the Agroforestry Development Centre at Indian Head until 2014, in order to allow sufficient time for the development of a new business plan for the Prairie Shelterbelt Program.

Grains, oilseeds and pulses resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press the federal government and relevant government agencies to ask for weekly reporting and publication of all export sales of grain.
  • Petition the Western Grain Elevator Association to discontinue the practice of using overhead scales to weigh grain deliveries and adopt the use of platform scales instead.

Livestock and traceability resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press the Province to review and change the Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program’s eligibility criteria of 4800 animal units per month to reflect the larger size of modern livestock operations.

Rural development and land use resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press oil and gas pipeline companies to offer annual compensation to farmers for the rights of way on oil and gas pipelines that cross farmland.
  • Petition the Province to protect landowners against liability for damage to oil and gas pipelines resulting from regular farming practices.
  • Press the National Energy Board to reject pipeline abandonment plans that do not include full removal; petition the federal and provincial governments to ensure pipeline abandonment plans require the removal of pipelines; work with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities on pipeline abandonment issues.
  • Petition the Province to reconsider banning coal as a space and water heating fuel source, and allow for the use of non-lignite coal in efficient combustion systems. 
  • Press the Province to halt its current plans related to rural amalgamation and begin consultation with rural municipalities on the issue; press for collaboration as a tool for rural amalgamation, as opposed to use of across-the-board regulations.
  • Press Rogers Communications to sign a service-sharing agreement with SaskTel, similar to the agreement it has with MTS in Manitoba, to ensure that Rogers’ Manitoba customers have adequate cellular service in Saskatchewan.
  • Press the Province and Manitoba Hydro to extend affordable natural gas service to farms where local pipeline access is available

Workplace and employment resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press the Government of Manitoba to provide all farm employers with a hard copy of The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and regulations.
  • Lobby the Workers Compensation Board to allow all farmers, including directors and shareholders of corporations, to be eligible for workers compensation.

Miscellaneous resolutions
KAP will:

  • Press the Canada Revenue Agency to ensure that all capital gains deductions on farmland jointly owned by immediate family members are fairly applied.   
  • Pending indication the Province is unwilling to introduce new stable funding legislation for general farm organizations, make a formal complaint to the Office of the Manitoba Ombudsman and request that it investigate if Section 27 of The Agricultural Producers’ Organization Funding Act is being enforced properly.
  • Investigate the Farm Rescue organization that offers resources previously provided by large rural communities when a sick or injured farmer cannot carry on farming operations.