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May 8, 2017

Motorists asked to be cautious when passing farm equipment

Manitoba farmers are in the midst of seeding the 2017 crop, and that means they must use public roadways to get their farm equipment to their fields. Keystone Agricultural Producers urges the public to take the following steps when approaching or passing farm equipment:

  • Farm equipment travels much slower than a motor vehicle, so slow down when approaching.
  • Before you pass the equipment, watch for signals that indicate the operator is turning or making a lane change.
  • Pass the equipment when it is safe to do so, ensuring the operator knows you are passing.
  • Farm equipment is very wide, so ensure you give it a wide berth as you pass.
  • Be patient and remember that everyone has a right to use the road.

KAP also urges producers to ensure their equipment is well marked. The Highway Traffic Act requires that all farm equipment have a slow-moving vehicle emblem to warn motorists approaching from behind, along with red reflectors on the back near the left and right sides. At night, farm equipment must have headlights, red tail lamps and flashing amber warning lamps.


For more information:
Dan Mazier, president – 204-720-4646

Val Ominski, KAP communications co-ordinator – 204-697-1140 (ext. 3)