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October 17, 2013

KAP supports Assiniboine River Basin Commission

It was mostly about water at Keystone Agricultural Producers fall General Council meeting held in Portage la Prairie.

KAP hosted Christine Hutlet, north basin manager of the Red River Basin Commission, who detailed the organization’s work in water management – including addressing floods, drought, water quality and population pressures.

“We try to look at the whole picture – including involvement of all watersheds and jurisdictions in the basin,” she said. “We also try and work from the bottom up, instead of the top down, involving those people who are on the ground experiencing the effects of the water.”

KAP district representatives at the meeting were quick to point out the similarities of the Red River watershed to that of the Assiniboine River – including the fact that water enters the province from a number of jurisdictions in both cases – and agreed unanimously to pursue the creation of a basin commission that will address the issues of the Assiniboine.

The proposed Assiniboine River Basin Commission would include a wide scope of participants at the table – including federal and provincial governments, other provincial jurisdictions, municipalities and KAP.  It would research the long-term needs for water in southwestern Manitoba, with the objective of managing excess water for irrigation and livestock needs.

“This is something that scientists, researchers, farmers and governments have been talking about for a long time,” said KAP president Doug Chorney. “Now at last we have set the wheels in motion, and I certainly hope that multi-government and cross jurisdictional representation will give the organization credibility.”

Other issues discussed today include:

  • Spearheading an initiative to prevent the spread of clubroot by working with oil companies, canola organizations, MAFRI and the Manitoba Surface Rights Association to implement a cleaning and disinfecting protocol for all oil equipment entering farmland.
  • Continuing to petition the Province to remove the $5000 cap on school tax rebates, as well as the out-of-province ownership rebate restriction that is driving up land rental rates for farmers.
  • Working with RMs, the Association of Manitoba Municipalities and the Province of Manitoba to separate land assessments into commercial and agricultural categories so that farmers can purchase farmland without higher bidding from conservation groups.


For more information:
Doug Chorney, president – 204-785-3626
Val Ominski, communications – 204-697-1140 (ext. 3)