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November 1, 2012

KAP rolls out low-cost cell phone package for members

Keystone Agricultural Producers announces a new, low-cost group wireless package for KAP members, through Rogers Communications, that will accommodate both heavy and light cell phone users. 

“New opportunities have become available as a result of the Rogers network expansion, and we took advantage of this to reduce mobile communications costs for members,” said KAP president Doug Chorney. “Farmers depend heavily on cell phones and smartphones, and this is certainly a good way to lower this costly expenditure.”

“Rogers recently brought expanded and improved network coverage to Manitoba,” said Tim Prokipchuk, manager of commercial and corporate sales for Rogers. “Our high speed packet access wireless service – or HSPA+ – now reaches 96 per cent of the population.

“This means that residents throughout the province, including those in remote and rural areas, can talk, email, surf the web and use their favorite mobile apps at home and when travelling.”

Kyle Foster, chairman of KAP’s Member Benefits Committee, said the new package can offer significant savings for members.

“In reviewing the package, we compared a number of members’ current cell phone bills to the new rates,” Foster said. “On average, we saw savings of 31 per cent – although some members could receive over 40 per cent in monthly savings.”

The package also offers voice pooling at no extra charge – a feature that allows all cell phones on the same account to share peak daytime minutes. This will allow a high-use peak time phone to go over the peak daytime minute allotment, provided that the minutes do not exceed the total for all phones on the account.

The new program is only available through the KAP member Rogers’ line at 204-296-9962.


For more information, please contact:
Doug Chorney, president: 204-785-3626
Val Ominski, communications co-ordinator: 204-697-1140

Keystone Agricultural Producers is Manitoba’s largest general farm policy organization, representing over 7,000 farm families and 23 commodity groups throughout the province. Our strength is our democratic structure, and our mission is to represent and promote the interests of all primary agricultural producers.

Rogers Communications connects 1.5 million subscribers in small, medium and large businesses, as well as those in the public sector, to their customers, suppliers, partners and employees with reliable wireless voice and data services, and advanced wireless business solutions. Rogers wireless services are built on the reliable Rogers network, including the world’s fastest network technology, LTE (long term evolution). For more information, please visit rogers.com/business.