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May 10, 2013

KAP asks motorists to be patient in coming weeks

Manitoba’s spring mega project is getting off the ground ounce again, an undertaking that annually sees 12 million acres of land seeded – and farmers are asking for the public’s help in getting it done.

“We are requesting that people respect our right to use the roadways as we move our large tilling and seeding equipment into the fields,” said Doug Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers. “This equipment travels slowly and takes up considerable amount of room, and we ask people to be patient.”

Chorney urges motorists to slow down when approaching a piece of farm equipment to gauge how fast it is going, and to watch for its turn signals and lane changes. Follow at a reasonable distance until it is safe to pass, and be prepared to make a wide pass.

“Just like any other worker in the country, we want to arrive home safety to our families at the end of the day,” Chorney noted.

Manitoba’s famers put $10 billion into the economy, directly and indirectly creating 62,000 jobs for rural and urban residents.


For more information, please contact:
Doug Chorney, president: 204-785-3626
Val Ominski, communications co-ordinator: 204-697-1140