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Are you concerned about your municipal taxes?

The 2016 reassessments caused many farmers across the province to see increased tax bills. In many areas, the values of farmland rose at a far greater rate than they did for other property classes. This has resulted in a larger share of municipal revenues coming from farmers. KAP has heard your concerns and has sent a letter to all of the municipalities in Manitoba, outlining some of the options (see below) they have to lessen the municipal tax burden on farmers. Now we urge you, their residents, taxpayers and voters, to attend your municipality's financial plan hearing and encourage your RM to do something to lessen this burden. We have gathered many municipal hearing dates, for your reference (see bottom for details).

Here are options for your RM to reduce taxes on farmland

KAP research has indicated that as a result of the 2016 reassessment, the average farmland assessment values across Manitoba increased by 45 per cent. Even in municipalities that lowered the mill rate in 2016, the rapid increase in the value of farmland has, in many cases, caused a greater portion of the tax burden to be borne by farmers. We have urged the municipalities to consider ways to return the distribution of the municipal tax burden to pre-2016 levels. In a letter recently sent by KAP to all of the municipalities, we outlined three main options available to them for reducing the burden:

  1. They can apply to the province to reduce the portioned value percentage on certain classes of property within their municipality. If granted permission to do so, the municipality could then reduce the taxable portion of farmland assessments. This will only apply to the general municipal portion of property taxes, and not to school taxes.
  2. The municipality can introduce a tax credit for owners of farmland within the municipality. This would return some of the taxes paid by farmers to them. It can be introduced at the municipal level without seeking provincial approval.  Again, this will only apply to the general municipal portion of property taxes, and not to school taxes.
  3. They can join efforts with other municipalities in similar situations to request that the provincial government lower the portioned value percentage for all farmland across Manitoba. The portioned value percentage for farmland has not been revised since 2002.
Farmers should not be contributing a disproportionate amount of the money needed to operate a municipality. Please take this message to your municipal officials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bridget Whipple by telephone at 204-697-1140 or by e-mail at bridget.whipple@kap.mb.ca

Attend the financial plan hearing date in your RM

April 13 – Town of St-Pierre-Jolys – Council Chambers, 555 Hebert Ave. @ 7 pm
April 18 – RM of Springfield – Dugald Community Club, 544 Holland St. @ 7 pm
April 18 – RM of Swan Valley West – Council Chambers at the Benito satellite office,126 Main St. @ 7 pm
April 18 – Town of Rivers – Riverdale Community Centre, 101 Main St. @ 7 pm
April 18 – RM of Wallace-Woodworth – Elkhorn Legion Hall, 4 Richhill Ave. W. @ 7 pm
April 18 – RM of Morris – Council Chambers, Morris @ 10 am
April 18 – RM of Souris-Glenwood – Council Chambers, 100-2nd St. S., Souris @ 7 pm
April 19 – RM of Swan Valley West – Council Chambers at the municipal office, 216 Main St. W.,
               Swan River @ 7 pm
April 1 9 – RM of Piney – Piney Council Chamber, Vassar @ 7 pm
April 19 – RM of Glenboro-South Cypress – Fire hall, 425 South Railway Ave., Glenboro @ 11 am
April 19 – RM of Ellice-Archie – Council Chambers, McAuley @ 7 pm
April 19 – RM of Killarney-Turtle Mountain – Council Chambers, 415 Broadway Ave., Killarney @ 1:00 pm
April 19 – RM of Whitemouth – Whitemouth Hall, 61 First St. @ 7 pm
April 19 – RM of Clanwilliam-Erickson – Council Chambers, 45 Main St., Erickson @ 7 pm
April 20 – RM of Riding Mountain West – Inglis Community Hall @ 7 pm
April 20 – RM of Thompson – Thompson Civic Centre, 530 Norton Ave, Miami @ 7 pm
April 20 – RM of Roland – Council Chambers, 45 3rd St., check on time
April 20 – RM of Gimli – Council Chambers @ 6:30 pm
April 20 – RM of Pipestone – Reston Memorial Theatre, 305 Fourth Street @ 7 pm
April 20 – RM of North Norfolk – Council Chambers, MacGregor @10 am
April 25 – Town of Ste. Rose du Lac – Ste. Rose Curling Rink, 555 Maillard St. @ 4 pm
April 26 – Town of Arborg – Council Chambers, 337 River Rd. @ 10 am

Stay Tuned! More to come…