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Annual Meeting

Resolutions 2014


  • Investigate transport truck load restrictions in northern counties and states, and report findings to the KAP Transportation Committee for review.
  • Lobby the Government of Canada to impose monetary penalties on the railways for lack of service, payable to grain companies which are affected by non-performance.


  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to re-examine and expand the list of PST-exempt assets for farmers.
  • Lobby the Canada Revenue Agency to create a tax exemption for the transfer of farm ownership between family members.
  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to remove out-of-province ownership restrictions and the $5,000 cap on the Farmland School Tax Rebate Program.
  • Lobby the Province to remove the time restriction for claiming the Farmland School Tax Rebate.
  • Lobby the Government of Canada to have capital gains exemptions carried forward until an estate is settled.

Rural development

  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to designate increased spending towards rural infrastructure.
  • Lobby Manitoba Hydro to improve and expand hydro and natural gas capacity in rural Manitoba to accommodate future rural needs.
  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba and regional health authorities to provide Manitobans with a lab that can do Lyme disease tests.
  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to instruct Manitoba Hydro to provide reliable, prompt, economical service in rural areas.
  • Request that the Government of Manitoba lift the suspension of STARS operations while they undertake an external review of their operations and procedures. 


  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to remove size restrictions on applications for permanent grazing permits on Crown lands.

Grains, oilseeds and pulses

  • Continue to work with the Government of Manitoba, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, and farm dryer dealers to simplify the procedures for new and used grain dryer certification for use on Manitoba farms. 
  • Work with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association to ensure that producers receive compensation for high oil content in canola.
  • Work with the Manitoba Surface Rights Association, MAFRD, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, the Canola Council of Canada, oil companies and related industries to implement a cleaning and disinfecting regime of all oilfield equipment and vehicles at every entry and exit of new and existing oil developments in order to prevent the spread of clubroot.
  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to add epoxy-coated bins to the list of items conditionally exempt from PST.
  • Raise awareness of the implications and ramifications of UPOV ’91.
  • Support the current Canadian Food Inspection Agency system for seed inspection.
  • Lobby Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to increase the limit for the Advance Payments Program, and increase the interest-free portion to $400,000.

Environment and water management

  • Lobby the Government of Canada and the Government of Manitoba to continue to fund BMP incentive programs related to the Environmental Farm Plan program.
  • Lobby the Government of Manitoba to cost share fuel storage as one of the eligible BMP categories under the Environmental Farm Plan Program.
  • Work with the Government of Canada in conjunction with the Prairie provinces and their municipalities, conservation districts, and farmers to establish a body to research the long-term needs of water on the southern prairies, with emphasis on southwestern Manitoba and with the objective of maximizing the total arable acres in the province.
  • Be involved in the establishment of an Assiniboine River Basin Commission which would include all tributaries