About KAP

About KAP

Recent Initiatives

  • KAP lobbied the federal government and was an industry leader in making the 2014 rail crisis a national issue. The end result was the federal government's order for the railways to meet minimum requirements for hauling grain – and that order is still in effect.

  • KAP is a member of the coalition of agricultural organizations and stakeholders that is calling for major reforms during the current Canada Transportation Act Review. The coalition is advocating for an environment of competition and transparency that will improve service for grain shippers.

  • KAP recently lobbied the federal government to move quickly on improving producer payment security. Shortly after our lobby efforts, the federal government announced it is paving the way for a fund-based security model of security – something KAP has encouraged for a number of years.

  • KAP has worked with the Office of the Fire Commissioner over the last several years to clear up the challenges surrounding dryers without CSA 3.8 certification. KAP's work with the OFC also resulted in more inspectors – and that means a shorter waiting time for dryer hook-ups.

  • KAP supported its members and all farmers in Manitoba during and after the 2014 summer flood, calling media attention to the devastation that was occurring. KAP brought the focus of both government and the general public to the plight of flooded-out farmers, and lobbied for recovery programs.

  • KAP lobbied for a federal income tax deferral after the 2014 flood destroyed thousands of acres of forage and hay land, leaving producers short of feed for the winter and forcing them to reduce their herds. The deferral was announced on December 29, 2014